Skandinavisches Wohnen mit Holzjalousien von LEHA

Wood Blind

Wood Blind


Holzjalousie mit Schnurzug und Leiterbändern
  • Solar protection
  • Daylight control
  • Privacy shield
  • Room division
  • Flame resistant
  • Robust, wipeable and easy to maintan
  • Made to measure (accurate to the millimeter)
  • 5-Year-Warranty


Wooden blinds are not only aesthetically appealing but the texture of the wood gives it a unique natural feel. Especially when it comes to interior design, the wooden slats complement your living space, whether you are looking for a modern, earthy or rustic ambience.

Best for:

Regular windows (rectangular)
Large windows & Floor-to-ceiling windows

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How to use?
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Holzjalousie Schnurzug


Adjust the Wooden Blind by pulling the cord.

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Wired or wireless editions available. Optional integration with third-party systems (somfy, KNX).

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further operating
options are available.

Detailansicht Bedienschnüre Holzjalousie
Good to know
  • Selection of 50 wood types
  • Smooth daylight control
  • Custom finishing options (RAL)
  • Woods originating from social and environmentally responsible forestry (FSC label)
LEHA Holzjalousie Detail
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