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LEHA Aluminiumschienen Raumbeispiel

Aluminium Curtain Rail

Aluminium Curtain Rail


LEHA Aluminiumschienen Freisteller
  • Robust, wipeable and easy to maintan
  • Room division
  • Made to measure in Austria
  • 5-Year-Warranty


Aluminium rods are now the defining trend of window fashion and they will not be replaced any time soon. Made of lightweight Aluminium, it is the elegant complementing piece to many spaces. Ranging from a classic rod as a room divider, to a frame rod.

It is the perfect solution for heavier articles due to it’s stability and simultaneously flexible and bendable, fitting into every corner and space.

Best for:

Regular windows (rectangular)
Large windows & Floor-to-ceiling windows
Gable windows
Curved Spaces

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How to use?
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by hand

The classic way: open and close the curtain by hand.

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Schienen und Stangen - Elektrisch


Wired or wireless editions available. Optional integration with third-party systems (somfy, KNX).

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Schienen und Stangen - Schnurzug


Adjust the Curtain by pulling the cord.

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further operating
options are available.

Good to know
  • Selection of 40 different editions
  • Rails in white, aluminium oder any colour of your choice (RAL)
  • Mounted on wall, ceiling or fully integrated in ceilings
  • Made to measure (accurate to the millimeter)
  • Available as space divider (ceiling mount)
LEHA Aluminiumschienen Detail
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Fully integrated rails
  • Fully integrated in Ceiling, perfect finish
  • Easy integration in concrete or drywall
  • Rail is protected from dust during construction phase using a special band
  • Datasheet download
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Outdoor curtains
  • Perfect for balconies and terraces
  • Suitable for heavy curtains (12-15 kg weight per running meter)
  • Robust curtain sliders with clamp
  • Datasheet download
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