Wood Curtain Rail

Wood Curtain Rail


LEHA Karniesen Freisteller
  • Made to measure in Austria
  • Easy to maintain
  • Decorative design
  • 5-Year-Warranty


In 1964 our story started with wooden curtain rails, and till today they are one of our top products.
If you are looking for a natural look to bring into your living space, this is for you, as we select only the finest woods.

Our wooden curtain rails are hand-crafted individually for your custom order.

Best for:

Regular windows (rectangular)
Large windows & Floor-to-ceiling windows
Curved Spaces

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How to use?
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by hand

The classic way: open and close the curtain by hand.

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further operating
options are available.

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Good to know
  • Selection of 73 different pelmets and various veneers
  • Custom bending
  • Made to measure (accurate to the millimeter)
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Wood Curtain Rail

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